Calling all Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Godparents! Never hear “Santa knows what I want” again! Introducing Santa’s Hideout-a modern twist on the timeless tradition of making lists for Santa that can be shared with family and friends. Santa’s Hideout takes the guess work out of holiday shopping by creating a SAFE, ONE-STOP, PARENT CONTROLLED, MAGICAL enviroment. Here’s how it works, explained for adults in the family:

• A parent creates an account for as many children he/she wants.  They control the access, can set limits on budget and can decide what item can/can’t be shown.

• Parents and “Santa” can then send messages of encouragement and support.  They can be anything from asking recipients to set up a registry to reminding them to take out the trash to telling them if they do well on that spelling test they can add another item to their List or can create their own message.

• In the end, the Parent is the decision maker on all items children add, and can share a registry that exceeds “Santa’s” budget, but also delete items that seem excessive or inappropriate. Parents can also set up group lists for gifts that are shared across multiple children, like that XBox 360 grandma is buying for the entire family.

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