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Santa’s Hideout and BlogHer have teamed up to provide parents with smart ideas for decorating, baking and crafts–along with thoughtful gift guides to make Christmas more fun and less hassle. To see a list of participating BlogHer Elves, see below.

About BlogHer: BlogHer Inc. reaches more than 30 million women each month as the leading cross-platform media network created by, for and with women social media leaders. Founded in February 2005, BlogHer publishes and syndicates news, information, advice and recommendations to and from 2,800 premium blogs, delivers uniquely insightful research on women in social media across interest areas, hosts the world’s largest conferences for women in social media and curates a daily news service,

Meet the Elves…

Caroline Urdaneta, Salsa Pie
Caroline currently lives in the Baltimore Maryland area with her husband and four children and blogs about her creative adventures at the popular blog Salsa Pie which was nominated one of Babble’s Top 50 Arts and Crafts Blogs (#4 for DIY). She has been a contributor for Moms Rising, and various DIY projects features on

Laura Watt, Cubits Organic
Laura is an artist, gardener and general maker of things who works from home & garden in Toronto, Ontario selling organic vegetable seeds on Etsy and blogging about her organic adventures. Her family includes her filmmaking husband, their toddler daughter, a big white dog & two naughty kittens who have declared war on her garden.

Ashley, Domestic Fashionista
Ashley is the blogger behind Domestic Fashionista, a blog about home decor, crafting and life at home as a wife. Ashley loves her sweet husband, a pretty home and striving to live simply.


Veronica Marcetti Dimick, Veronica M.D.
Veronica is a wife, mother of a wee little girl, college English instructor, slave to a cat and dog and a lover of coffee, TV, books and crafts. She’s more than a little crazy, but she’s way less crazy than she used to be. Probably.


Jenna Hatfield, Family Editor
Jenna is the Family Section Editor at BlogHer. She is also a blogger at Stop, Drop and Blog, and a freelance writer, editor and photographer. She’s a mom to two wonderful boys who keep her busy on a daily basis. She’s also a birth mother to a wonderful girl who amazes her regularly. She’s married to a professional firefighter who was one of Redbook’s top 25 hottest husbands in 2009.

Jaime, James & Jax
Jaime is a first-time mom, making her way through extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, postpartum depression, a full-time job and still trying to figure out who she is now that becoming a mother has totally rocked her world. In other words, She’s probably a lot like you! Her blog is her version of cheap therapy.

Jenna, Jenna’s Journey Blog
Jenna is a wife, mom to 2 young boys, home chef, couponing wannabe, how-to teacher and giveaway queen. She loves sharing about her life, family, recipes and anything else that she thinks is interesting!


Mary Jo Johnson, 154 Hidden Court
Recovering bookseller. SAHMama. Pretend runner. Wanna-be gourmet chef, famous writer, and stand-up comedian. Catwoman in disguise. Finally becoming who she is.


Mariel, Or so she says…
Mariel authors the blog Or so she says… where she and her readers share their most favorite ideas on parenting, homeschool, marriage, cooking, crafting, etc. Besides blogging, Mariel can be found changing diapers, doing laundry, washing dishes and smooching the cheeks of her 5 little ones, all the while dreaming of golf, traveling, reading, Montana and cake.


Lynn, VonFrau
Hi, I’m Lynn. VonFrau is my outlet for anything and everything that drives my creativity — be it fashion, packaging, film, design, crafting or food. I also post DIY projects with downloadable PDFs and easy-to-follow instructions. I currently reside in the Seattle area, where I do web design. I live with my two cats and my love, who I might refer to in the blog as “J”. I have an etsy shop that is my outlet for the different items I find and create

Lara Neves, Overstuffed
My name is Lara, and I like to wear hats. Usually my hats are a bit more on the figurative side, but I like literal hats, too. I wear the Mom to Three Daughers Hat — it is my favorite hat.  It isn’t always pretty and is usually pretty dirty, but it brings me more joy than any other hat I own. I also have a Wife Hat, a Singer Hat, a Photographer Hat, a Mormon Hat, a Vocal Instructor Hat and the evil but necessary Frugal Shopper Hat.  Sometimes I get out my Scrapbooking Hat, my Sewing Hat or my Crazy Crafting Hat, but if I’m going to be crafty at all, I’m usually doing it in my Home Prettifying Hat. I have been trying for a really long time to acquire an Exerciser Hat, but I keep losing it every time I finally get one.  I’m still working on it. And of course, there’s that darn Blogging Hat.  I can’t really seem to get it off my head. And for the time being, I’ve stopped trying.

 Rachel, Lines Across My Face
I am a young mother of a toddler boy and baby girl. I love to travel, paint, make things, fix things, and watch good tv. I love purple, animals, fried okra, and the Beatles.


Megan O Andersen, Radmegan
Known in craft circles as “Radmegan,” Megan Andersen has been crafting, baking, cooking, drawing, sculpting and gardening since she could hold a crayon. As a former member of corporate America, she swapped her suit jacket for a non-stick smock in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. She’s an experienced marketing professional, craft show vendor, seasoned event coordinator, photography instructor and freelance writer who approaches every new craft with the same mantra, “how hard could it be?” Megan’s goal for the blog In Words and Pictures  is to provide crafts, recipes and inspiration to make every day a little more rad.

Stephanie Stiavetti, The Culinary Life
Stephanie Stiavetti is a food writing living in San Francisco. She writes for a many popular media outlets, and her book, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese is due out in 2013 (with co-author Garrett McCord).

Alysa Bajenaru, Inspired RD
Alysa Bajenaru is a dietitian, personal trainer, cook, crafter, wife, mom, and proud wearer of onion-goggles. She is the official dietitian of Mamavation & Baby Boot Camp and can be found blogging about all of these things at

Launie Kettler, Teeny Tiny Kitchen
Launie Kettler is a native Vermonter who abhors nature and finds refuge cooking in a very small kitchen. Her recipes and photos have been featured on Salon, CNN, BlogHer, Let My People Grow, Crasstalk and LiveStrong.


Kristia Ludwick, Family Balance Sheet

Kristia writes about family finances, frugal living, and food at Family Balance Sheet. She spends her offline time raising her two young daughters, helping her husband run their small business and training for her next half-marathon.

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